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        Guangdong Ojun Technology Co., Ltd  —  Expert in making electrical and lighting connectors !


        Guangdong Ojun Technology Co., Ltd


        Guangdong Ojun Technology Co., Ltd which specialized in manufacturing electrical and lighting connectors for more than 15 years.

        Ojun is located in Guangdong China, covering a size of 13000㎡ and has 200+ workers, has a wide range of products which gained 80+ patents home and abroad, including 4 US patents and a number of national invention patents.

        Ojun has passed ISO quality management system certification, the company has 3 automatic injection molding workshops, 3 automatic installation workshops and 1 testing lab, and all these enables its efficient production capacity, excellent quality and honest service.

        Ojun's main products including:

        Wago type lever connectors

        SMD connectors

        fast male-female connectors

        IP66 Nema sockets 3 5 7P , shorting cap , photocell for street lighting

        waterproof connectors and box IP68

        Cord switch and dimmer switch

        Ojun aims to continuously create value for customers and assist customers to succeed.

        We look forward to doing business with customers from all over the world.

        The company was founded in 2006.

        There are more than 200 employees.

        Plant area 13000 square meters.

        Products have more than 80 patents.



          • M29+M29-mini-CQC認證證書
          • OJ-8138 BS英國插 SASO證書 R-310628
          • OJ-5系列防水盒 TUV認證證書
          • M29--M29mini-OJ-616-UL認證證書
          • 歐駿ISO新版證書-2018
          • M29-TUV認證證書
          • OJ-09C-UL-證書
          • OJ-821~OJ-851-系列-UL認證證書
          • OJ-821--OJ-851-無螺紋端子-CQC認證證書-16版
          • OJ-821--OJ-851--OJ-862--OJ-865-CQC認證證書